These past two weeks have been among the deadliest for Iraqis and
Palestinians at the hands of their American and Zionist occupiers. With
an almost total lack of protest in the United States, and only weak
criticism in the international community, the U.S. government and the
colonial apartheid government of "Israel" have once again demonstrated
their willingness to destroy entire communities in order to achieve the
goal of stealing all of the lands and resources from the indigenous
populations of Palestine and Iraq.

According to an Amnesty International report, the latest "Israeli"
incursion in Northern Gaza's Jabaliya refugee camp, and the sectors of
Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya, has left more than 70 Palestinian civilians
dead, 20 of them children, and hundreds injured. The Palestinian Center
for Human Rights reported on October 4 that a number of the injured
children have been left permanently handicapped.

The "Israeli" military has assaulted unarmed civilians with shells and
missiles from tanks and helicopters. As if its agenda of collective
punishment and genocide weren't plain enough, it has escalated the
devastation of these Palestinian communities by destroying their homes,
agricultural lands, water and electrical facilities, and historical

Medical personnel are shot at by the "Israeli" military, so as to
obstruct the delivery of aid to the injured, and an ongoing military
blockade is maintained around Gaza to prevent food and other assistance
from reaching the population.

In the meantime, the U.S. military escalated its ongoing aggression
against the Iraqi people by subjecting the citizens of Samarra to a
campaign of indiscriminate aerial bombings and shelling from nearby
tanks. Hundreds of families have been forced to flee their homes, and
nearby hospitals are flooded with the dead and injured.

The U.S. military lied yet again about its actions in Iraq by insisting
that only persons killed in Samarra were those participating in the
resistance to their occupation. But residents and medical personnel have
been quick to dispute that. An ambulance driver told Associated Press:
"Dead bodies and injured people are everywhere in the city and when we
tried to evacuate them, the Americans fired on us." Abdul-Nasser Hamed
Yassin, an official at the

Samarra General Hospital told the press that of the 70 dead in his
facility, 23 were children and 18 were women.

The wide-scale level of the bombings and the degree of terror unleashed
against the Samarrans clearly indicate that far from "liberating" the
population from the "hold" of an "unwanted" resistance, the U.S. is
using terror to subjugate the population and stamp out opposition to its
occupation of Iraq.

Those of us who reside in this country are as responsible for these acts
of wholesale murder as the officials who give the orders and the
soldiers who execute them. For it is our taxes which pay for the
weapons, and our willingness to maintain a climate of "business as
usual" which makes the aggression inflicted on the Palestinians, Iraqis,
and others around the world possible.

The Palestinians and Iraqis are not invisible. It is time we stop
behaving as if the lives of U.S. citizens or residents are the only
lives that matter, and as if aggression and genocide are acceptable when
conducted by this government, or the apartheid illegitimate state of
"Israel." Let's cease our complicity with the crimes of this government
and make an effort to stop them. Join us.


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